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15 May 2013 - 11:37 am


The initial analysis of the responses to the parish questionnaires show that on nearly all issues the three villages were of a single mind. Any variation between villages was always less significant than the overall opinion.

For example, everyone valued local features such as Shedfield Reading Room, The Waltham chase Triangle, and Shirrell Heath Methodist Church, but in each case the locals scored it more highly than the other two villages.

Real but slight differences were seen in only a few matters ; Waltham Chase residents were most concerned about the scale and character of recent housing developments and inconsiderate parking or inadequate parking facilities and road crossings, while Shirrell Heath residents were more focussed on road traffic levels,  poor broadband speeds, and the lack of public transport.

Many residents provided examples of what they considered acceptable new developments, such as Barley Fields in Shirrel Heath, and unacceptable ones such as Morrell Close.

There was a very strong level of agreement across the generations on issues such as the importance of maintaining the green and rural character of our parish with a quiet environment, adequate play areas, adequate public transport, and avoiding over-development.

The length of time people have lived in the parish had virtually no impact on their views; new arrivals value the same qualities as families who have been here for generations.

Draft Parish Plans are hoped to be completed by the end of June.

Anyone who can contribute interesting local or historical photos would be most welcome to do so.


10 Dec 2012 - 2:01 pm

Parish Plans Questionnaire

Parish Plans Full Questionnaire, for downloading and printing off yourself.

10 Dec 2012 - 1:59 pm
15 Nov 2012 - 1:03 pm

PARISH SURVEY- the 1st 200 responses

  1. A statistical analysis has been carried out of the first 200 completed paper questionnaires (38 from Shedfield, 56 from Shirrell Heath and 102 from Waltham Chase). As regards new buildings, respondents attached importance to all aspects of location and design, but particular importance to strategic gaps and provision of adequate parking. Residents were not opposed to all new building: they mostly felt that the extent of recent housing development was about right, and that if more was needed it should be by filling in existing gaps within villages. One in four knew someone local who was looking for local housing; predominantly in the market rather than affordable or sheltered housing.

A sense of community and stability was highly valued, although views varied on how strong the sense of community and stability currently are. Dissatisfaction was highest with regard to roads, lanes and paths, to traffic, and to public transport. Open spaces (including Shedfield Common and the recreation grounds), woodland, hedges, farmland, footpaths, walking and cycling are important features that the parish wants to retain. Litter, vehicle damage to verges and surface water drainage are ongoing issues, with restrictions on heavy vehicles the most popular measure to improve local roads. Improvements to public transport were widely requested: very low reported bus use seems simply to reflect the fact that residents have little or no access at all to bus services. Car ownership is high: three-quarters of respondents have one or two cars, with one in five households having three or more.

The Parish Magazine remains the most important way of disseminating local information, although in practice churches are a less significant facility than the remaining local shops. There is not high demand for more educational provision, but a recognition that more local employment, especially within existing sites, would be beneficial. The community sees itself as safe and secure, with low crime and social nuisance rates, though bad driving and parking remain an issue.

The age profile of respondents is heavily skewed towards older residents: five out of eight are sixty or older, though the gender balance is equal. Families with children are, in contrast, under-represented: only 40 school-age children and 15 college-age students are mentioned.

Length of time living in the parish varies from one to eighty-two years, with an average of 26 years reflecting a stable population and the age of respondents. The reasons for moving here are predominantly the rural setting and a deliberate choice of area or property, rather than work, family, schools or transport links. Given that only half of respondents are working, it is interesting that one in four of all respondents work mostly or sometimes from home – a higher number than those who regularly commute. Local businesses are well represented among respondents. Most are small-scale, and evenly balanced between those which expect to expand and those which don’t. The majority feel that current provision for expansion is adequate.

14 Nov 2012 - 2:09 pm


Anyone can still complete a parish survey.

We especially need young people and people with young families to be better represented in the survey.

So please either download a printed version of the survey now or any time soon, and complete it and return it to the Parish Council Office in Shedfield Recreation Ground (Survey to be found further down this page)

Or from December 1st, during December and January, you can fill in the on-line survey, also to be found further down this page.


7 Nov 2012 - 11:06 am


One result of the Parish Survey is that the Shedfield Parish Plans Committee have been made aware of how many residents feel there is nothing they can do to stop illegal and unwanted developments from springing up all over our parish.

Residents feel that the Parish Council can do nothing, and that WCC  give powerful developers carte blanche to do as they please, preferring to act only against small infringements by individual householders,  instead of protecting our rural environment from  encroaching industrialisation and the permanent loss of our trees, fields, and hedgerows. 

If you feel this is true or you have experienced something of the sort


15 Oct 2012 - 11:29 am

Progress so far

Over the summer members of the Shedfield Parish Plans Committee have been hard at work analysing the responses received to date to the Parish Survey.

Jim Coleman  produced a spread sheet and Margaret Jones and her team have spent many hours entering all the data.

All respondents had taken the survey seriously and all opinions will be recorded and taken into account when producing the Village Design Statement and the Parish Plan.

Swanmore College of Technology and St John The Baptist Primary School have been asked to participate in the on-line survey, which it is hoped will mean more responses from families with children, as this group had not been well represented amongst the respondents to the survey so far.

There has been some discussion by the committee about Shefield producing a Neighbourhood Plan.

A Neighbourhood Plan is the latest idea from the government and will carry much more weight than a Village Design Statement or a Parish Plan.

The editor’s definition of the differences between these documents is;

a Village Design Statement is an official planning document retained by the local Planning Authority wherein residents of a parish describe the type and characteristics of developments they would like to see in their parish

a Parish Plan is a record kept by the parish of the hopes and aspirations of parishioners at this time for their parish

a Neighbourhood Plan pinpoints exactly in which locations and what size and type of development members of the group producing the Plan require. This can also include areas where they do not want development.

The intention is that this will free up more areas for development, but although in towns and cities any group or association can produce a Neighbourhood Plan, in parished areas, only parish councils can do it.

So far in this area only a few parish councils, Bishops Waltham and Denmead are two, have decided to produce Neighbourhood Plans.

Winchester City Council seem not to be encouraging parish councils to produce Neighbourhood Plans.

The Shedfield Parish Plans Committee feel that whether Shedfield Parish Council does or does not decide to produce a Neighbourhood Plan, in either case the Village Design Statement will be of great value, either if it stands alone, or if it informs a Neighbourhood Plan.

Pat Staples, SheDS Publicity Officer.

2 Oct 2012 - 8:51 am

AND THE WINNERS ARE.............

Matt Fancourt, Shirrell Heath

Peter Thorn, Shedfield

Caroline Ford, Shedfield



9 Jul 2012 - 10:05 pm
21 Jun 2012 - 10:05 pm


Parish Plans Full Questionnaire, for downloading and printing off yourself.