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2 Nov 2017 - 12:18 pm


The Parish Plan and Village Design Statement were adopted in February 2016, and are available at

26 Oct 2015 - 10:49 am

A video presentation of Shedfield Parish 2014

See if you can spot your road or house or a field or view near you

23 Oct 2015 - 2:25 pm

This photo of Waltham Chase Triangle is one of the many photos taken by Jim Coleman, Pat Staples, Martin Clarke, Caroline Ford, Margaret Jones, Di Portman, and Mal Rowland, all members of the Shedfield Parish Plans Committee, in 2014, of houses, buildings, hedgerows, recreation areas, and views around the Parish of Shedfield, for the Shedfield Parish Plan and Village Design Statement.

They form an interesting archive of our parish as it was in 2014, and some areas have already changed. If you look through the photos you can spot for example photos of the hedgerow and field in Clewers Lane, Waltham Chase, that is now being lost to a new housing site. 

Once the Village Design Statement is formally adopted by Winchester City Council, which should be by the end of this year 2015, it will become an official planning document, to which all new developments will have to refer. This will mean for example that building density as great as the Clewers Lane development should no longer be allowed, and hedgerows like that in Clewers Lane will be protected. Unfortunately we are too late for Clewers Lane, but there are other developments on the horizon that will have to comply with the expressed and documented views of the residents of our parish.

You can see the parish photos here;

23 Oct 2015 - 2:01 pm

Exhibition of Draft Parish Plans

On Thursday 22nd October the Shedfield Parish Plans Committee held their final public consultation meeting at the Yeoman Room, Waltham Chase Village Hall, to exhibit the draft versions of the Shedfield Parish Village Design Statement and the Shedfield Parish Plan.

Copies of the draft plans were on show, plus posters of the Action Plan resulting from the Parish Plan, plus the Guidelines of The Village Design Statement, plus a slideshow of  the 100’s of photos that have been taken of houses, buildings, hedgerows, and recreation grounds, in the parish, and outlooks from the parish.

Residents  were invited to examine and comment on the draft documents prior to final adoption by Winchester City Council.

The meeting was publicised in The Parish magazine, on the Parish Council noticeboards, on the Shedfield Plans website, on the Parish Council website,  on the Waltham Chase website, in Waltham Chase Village Hall, and in Waltham Chase Post Office.

There was a good attendance, about 50 people visited, and a few comment forms were handed in. Two Winchester City Councillors came, both from Whitely Parish, and said they were very impressed by the professionalism of the Plans, the obvious amount  of work that had gone into them, and the level of public consultation that had taken place.

If you were unable to get to the exhibition, you can still read the draft plans on the Waltham Chase Village website, on the Shedfield Parish Council website, or here on the Parish Plans website,

and you can still make comments either by emailing, 

or, direct to Winchester City Council, 

All comments and corrections will be included either in the body of the Plans or in  appendices.

Pat Staples, Publicity Officer, Shedfield Parish Plans Committee.

20 Sep 2015 - 9:56 am

Exhibition of the Draft Shedfield Parish Plan and Village Design Statement.

                        Thursday 22nd October 4.30pm til 8pm

              in The Yeoman Room at Waltham Chase Village Hall.

This is to enable residents of the three villages that comprise the Parish of Shedfield;

                                          Shedfield, Shirrell Heath, and Waltham Chase,

to view the draft document, and to make comments on  the proposed design guidance and action plan for our parish.

                     NB this is not about commenting on specific planning applications.

The Village Design Statement will be incorporated into local planning policy and is a powerful tool for guiding

developers, and parish and district councils, on how we wish our parish to develop.

                      So please come and look. All are welcome.

Pat Staples, Publicity Officer, Shedfield Parish Plans Steering Committee

16 Sep 2015 - 9:27 pm
18 Aug 2014 - 5:28 pm


The Shedfield Parish Plans Steering Committee is nearing the end of it’ 2 years plus hard work, all voluntary, writing The Village Design Statement and The Parish Plan for the parish of Shedfield.

So, after collating all the residents’ survey responses, researching and writing histories and descriptions of all aspects of the 3 villages that comprise the parish, taking and selecting photographs, conferring with and taking advice from WCC Officers, learning all about Planning Policies and Documents, referencing the Village Design Statement carefully to Winchester District Development Framework, the committee will produce the draft for a final public consultation.

Once adopted by WCC and published, The Village Design Statement will be a Supplementary Planning Document, which all potential developers must consult, and to which all developments must refer.
While The Village Design Statement is a descriptive document, outlining exactly how the residents want the parish to look, The Parish Plan is more aspirational, explaining how residents would like to see their parish develop in the long term.

Sometimes residents have got the wrong idea about the function of the Committee. It is not somewhere to complain about developments currently happening with or without Permission, and neither can it give a definitive answer about what developments are likely to be put forward. Those issues are within the realm of WCC Planning, Development and Control, and the developers themselves.

But our work will be very important in making sure that in the future the parish grows in a way that residents wish it to.

7 Mar 2014 - 5:30 pm


Please let us know the details if you have had problems with surface water or flooding at any time, and/or particularly during the recent exceptional rainfall.

Write to

15 Sep 2013 - 2:54 pm


Keep checking this site or the parish magazine to make sure you do not miss the Parish Plans Residents’ workshop.

It will be in the new year 2014, date and venue to be announced, but it will be residents’ opportunity to comment on and make changes to the draft of the Plans before they go to WCC for formal adoption.  

NB The Village Design Statement and the Parish Plan will now be merged into one user friendly document, both an official planning document to which all future developments must refer, and a historical record of what residents want from and for their parish at this moment in time.

20 Aug 2013 - 2:43 pm


The Parish Plans Committee have made great progress with the Village Design Statement;

The village histories are done

The survey results have been collated and analysed

The section headings have been decided and members of the committee have either completed them or are under way with them.

Photographs and maps and precise references to the Local Plan are to be added, and a final residents’ consultation is planned.

The timetable for submitting the draft plan to WCC Forward Planning Officer Steve Opacic for adoption prior to printing and distribution is on course.

However WCC have now decided that we should combine the Village Design Statement and The Parish Plan into one single planning document, when previously we had been instructed that they were to be two separate plans with different purposes.

Although this will delay production somewhat, it is a idea that meets with the committee’s unanimous approval.

It makes sense.

So we do have quite a bit more work to do before completion.

We have taken heart from the fact that we have only been at it for about 18 months, and many other parishes have taken 4/6 years to complete.